Ross Taylor

As the Sun is about to rise and most people are just waking up, you'll probably find Ross with his camera, bobbing around in the Atlantic Ocean. It's hard to believe that Ross only picked up a camera less than a year ago after an accident.


"I first picked up a camera in anger last year after break my shoulders snowboarding. It started off as a distraction from not being able to do the sports I loved so much"


"I have always loved action sports and being outdoors, so this is what I spend most of my time photographing now" says Ross.

This is one reason why he has been able to capture amazing images in a short space of time.

 It's not entirely being in the right place at the right time. He knows the sports he's shooting and knows what is coming next, predicting the next few seconds.


Taking full advantage of his surroundings, Ross goes on to say "We are spoilt for choice in Cornwall, with an abundance of amazing landscapes and incredible people who turn it into their playground".

When his camera is down, you will find Ross participating in the sports he photographs. "Outside of photography you will find me throwing myself around on a board whether that is snowboarding, wakeboarding or surfing".

 You can see more of his work at  @_rtshots